11 Nov 10 Web Design Trends 2014 To Watch Out For

The world of web design has seen some of the most breath-taking designs in 2013 and 2014 promises even more heat generated in the web design trends 2014. What makes the web design trends 2014 different from the last year is the degree of innovation, advanced technological features and massive creativity that has been installed for users this time around.

We welcome a new era of the most exhilarating web design trends that would take the businesses of different organization to new levels of success. These website design trends are as following:

 3d Effects with exciting transitions:

The extensive and use of 3D animations within the website content is one of the most viral web design trend for the year 2014. The 3D transition effects can be incorporated in giving different menu styles, creating eye-catching image galleries, navigation and other different elements of the website. The 3D effect sparkle the identity of the website and give it more coverage by enticing a large number of audience to the website. The 3D animations with some important information in them can prove to be very productive in attaining maximum attention from the visitors promoting the respective business. One thing that the designers need to keep in mind while using the 3D effects is to make these effect compatible with all different types of browser and increase the user experience.

3D Animation

html5 slider slideshow

The Throne of Flat web Designs:

It is no more a fad that flat designs are a necessity now in the field of web design and web design trend 2014 welcome the flat web designs with open arms. Shirts Banner


Everyone is going to rush behind the flat designs because it would allow them the following advantages:

  • A better user experience
  • Less messed up content
  • More use of white spaces to make the design more simplified
  • Availability of a vast variety of layouts
  • Visibility of User-friendly themes

Individual Portraits:

The 2014 web design trends welcome more portfolio websites with personal portraits to provide all the necessary information to the users. The portfolio websites are a source of interacting with people by making them aware of your credentials and this interaction can be taken to a new level with the use of the personal portraits. This is one of the major web design trends 2014.

Individual Portraits


Animated Images:

The use of some slowly loading animated images is one of the leading website design trends 2014. The most attractive thing about this modern day innovation is that these animated images only show animation when they are scrolled or otherwise they would give you a stationary outlook like normal images. This is something very new to the field of web design and it has the potential to attract the attention of many people. Different types of charts, graphs and statistical images are represented as the animated images on the modern websites in 2014.

Animated Images


Websites with High Definition and classy images:

One of the very important website design trends 2014 is the use of high definition and purposeful images with the content of the websites. The designers are putting a deeper thought in strategizing their images to be put in the content as it can boost or defame the brand value. The images that are unique and creative work best in this forte and they have to be designed by the web designers. The images should also designed in way that they take less time in loading and would have high resolution as well.

Websites with High Definition and classy images


Use of prominent info-graphics:

Info-graphics are the best of representing the website content and they are among the highly adopted 2014 web design trends. More and more websites are now making sure that they are using a good blend of info-graphics and the written content. This is very important as the info-graphics help people in developing a better understanding and at the same time they save a lot of space for the designers where they can experiment with other creative options.

Use of prominent info-graphics


Short Video Presentation:

The trend of incorporating a short video in the beginning of the website is going to be the most viral of the web design trends 2014. The companies will prefer getting a promo video designed for their websites ahead of the complete content of the website. This would reflect a professional image of the website in front of the visitors.

Short Video Presentation


More improved newsletter designs:

The web design trends 2014 put more focus on the quality and versatility of the newsletters which were not given the same important in the earlier years. The design of the newsletters is equally important as that of a website so more influential and high quality newsletter designs will come on the scene in the year 2014. This would boost the email marketing experience for the companies.

More improved newsletter designs


Refreshing Typography:

One of the major advancements that have taken place in terms of the web design trends 2014 is the arrival of some refreshing typography practices by the designers. The designers are now not relying on the boring and old fonts, in fact they are adding to their arsenal a number of new exciting and eye-catching fonts. These fonts are actually fonts with personality which means they have a certain demeanor that can increase the quality of the web design.

Refreshing Typography


Websites with Long Scrolling:

The long scrolling websites are the hot most web design trends 2014. Common users feel good scrolling down the websites and this has led to the arrival of more user-friendly and long scrolling website which gives the users complete information about the website while scrolling down. The content in such websites does not have to be too large and only proper arrangement of precise content is the mantra of these websites.

Websites with Long Scrolling


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