11 Nov Mobile Application Development: Changing Face of the World

We are in the world of smart phones and portable gadgets and this has all been made possible with the help of mobile application development. Now gone the times when you had to sit in front of a giant PC and manage your documents or even use the heavy laptops. Mobile app development has made technology more superior in functionality and largely portable to use.  Do you have a smart phone, a tablet, an iPad or any other fashion gadget of modern times? If yes, then you are in the perfect shape to enjoy some of the most exhilarating and thrilling mobile apps you could ever imagine.

The Evolution of the Mobile Application Development:

The phenomenon of mobile application development is not very old. It is in fact very fresh as it has grown in the last decade and built a stronger identity in the industry. The concept and the fundamentals behind the mobile apps development originate from the existing web development with the addition of some more strong, automatic and functionally flexible features. There are now companies who are specifically designing and developing the mobile apps and then selling them to the different vendors. The app stores are also a forceful emerging phenomenon.

Mobile Apps Stores:

Major mobile apps development companies have opened their app stores to facilitate people with the best applications. The companies who have their app stores are following:

Major Platforms for Mobile Application Development:

At the time of the advent of the mobile application development there were not many platforms that could be used to develop applications. But now with the never stopping demand of the mobile application different software companies are providing platforms to the developers to use and develop high quality apps.

Following are some of these app development platforms:

There are many other platforms also available but these are some of the most famous and vastly used mobile apps development platforms.

How Mobile Apps Development helps your business to grow:

The most recent researches about the use of smartphone say that cellular technology is now recognized as the most quickly and easily adopted technology in the world.

Some figures about the use of Mobile Phones with the Mobile Apps functionality suggest that:

  • 97% of the adults have their own cell phones out of which 56% have smart phones that are mobile apps friendly.
  • A major advancement that has appeared in the use of smartphones is that 34% of the people use smartphones as their only technology companion. They don’t use laptops or computer. They deal with many of their business affairs and routine works through smart phones.

These figures suggest how much important it has become now for every business organization to have their own mobile app. If you need to get access to a large number of audience then you must have your own mobile app.

Mobile Application Development helps you in running your business smoothly and making it easier to access for the modern day users. Companies who have their mobile apps have a better chance to yield greater revenue than those who don’t have mobile app for their business.

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