11 Nov Content Marketing: Blogging with an edge over social media

We all are aware of the impact that content marketing can potentially have on the success of an online business. In order to maintain a stable online identity and endorse your services in the most effective manner, you need to have a valid content marketing strategy in place. Blogging has been the trademark element of content marketing for years but due to lesser attention given to it in recent times with the arrival of the social media posting and other sources of content advertising it has started to lose its luster. Online businesses are now a days looking for such measures to be taken in terms of their content marketing campaign that can generate best possible ROI for their business. Blogging with a proactive approach and focused mindset can yield seriously significant benefits for every online business. On the other hand social media posting seems to surpass the blogging in recent times. A massive drift of trends has been observed in recent past highlighting the fact that even B2B marketers now prefer social media postings more than blogging. 93% of B2B marketers worldwide are using social media posting as a fundamental part of content marketing. On the contrary the utility of website blogging and content advertising with articles has decreased from 83% to 81%. Blogging still remains a more reliable option as it gives long term content marketing solution but only if the right plans are executed at the right time.

Blogging enjoys a clear advantage over social media postings on the basis of many important factors:

Easy Progress measurement with Blogging in content marketing:

When you are running a content marketing campaign to improve the status of an online business, you need to keep yourself in check with the progress of the campaign. There are a number of tools available to measure the growth of your content marketing campaign based on blogging and content sharing. Google Analytics for example provides complete analysis over the impact of different content marketing strategies and how blogging is help the strategy. On the other hand there are not many influential tools available to measure the growth for social media postings. This is one reason blogging can be more effective for your return of investment.

Search Engines empower blogging with better PR and DA for website:

The Page Rank and Domain Authority have great significance for your online success. Search engines promote those websites in the top ranks of their search engine results pages that have an optimum content marketing plan executed in the best possible manner. Your website gets ranked on the basis of SEO friendly articles and other content placed in it. Both the content and the domain on which the website is built are given strength by the search engines. Blogging for this very reason gives you complete authority to rule the roost when it comes to generating online profits with a target based approach. You cannot enjoy the same leisure with social media posting as you are not posting something on your own website in this case and hence adding to the strengths of social media platforms. This is an indirect channel of achieving success as compared to blogging that is completely direct and effective.

Blogging is more diverse and dynamic than Social Media Posting:

This is true for all reasons that in blogging you can devise different varieties of contents and share it on multiple platforms but when it comes to social media posting, you have to remain very specific and to the point as it is highly target driven. In blogging you can write on a large variety of topics and can grow your audience with news, informative articles and business specific content. All this can be possible only in blogging. This is how Blogging certainly has an edge over the social media posting but its real potential has to be achieved to gain maximum benefits.