11 Nov The Do’s And The Don’ts Of SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing welcomes a new era of professional writing which is very specific and systematic. The SEO Content Writing is influential and functionally very potent. This is highly professional writing with a very mechanistic approach and if done accurately yields high quality outcomes for any business organization. An SEO Content Writer needs to follow all the necessary principles of search engine optimization to compile a highly proficient SEO Content.

The Characteristics of SEO Content Writing:

Now the question is that how SEO Content Writing is different from other types of professional writing like writing for a newspaper or web magazine or an online portal. It is actually very different to all other types of writing. Following are some of the exclusive characteristics of SEO Content Writing that every SEO Content Writer should have in mind:

  • It involves compilation of a content that targets a specific group of people or markets
  • This type of writing demands the writer to be aware of the use of keywords and other SEO tools
  • A complete Pre- Keywords Analysis and Post-Keyword Analysis is brought about in SEO Content Writing
  • The writer needs to have more IT based vocabulary along with the common English vocabulary.
  • A writer must know all the limitations of the SEO Content Writing that are pre-requisites before writing any new thing.
  • An SEO Content Writer must know the potential of the writing that how much profit it could possibly generate from the SEO point of view.
  • Writer should be able to follow certain guidelines in the most applicable manner in order to compile drafts that are more SEO friendly and according to the business demands.

Best practices for SEO Content Writing:

Following is the set of principles that you must follow in order to hit the audience with the excellence of your SEO Content:

  • A writer must first discuss the content to be written in detail with his team or if he is a one man team then research it thoroughly on the internet to strengthen the entire basis. He should never just start the writing from the onset but proper research is the key to success in this type of writing.
  • The Writer must look for the influential and most related set of keywords for the SEO content to be compiled. All unrelated keywords or less influential keywords should be completely ignored.
  • Sometimes, a writer may encounter a situation where a keyword might not be very widely searched but is related to the content. In this case writer must include it in the content as it serves as an SEO friendly practice.
  • The Keywords then should be properly adjusted in the content. A Writer must order the keywords in a way that it would increase the value of the content and not subject it to spamming which might take place due to repeating keywords again and again without any sense in the content.
  • The writer must be at home with the use of appropriate heading styles like H1, H2 and H3. The appropriate use here refers to the insertion of keywords in the heading for the sake of creating eye catching and SEO friendly content.
  • A natural touch should be present in the use of keywords and they neither should be misused nor overused.
  • A writer must also take into consideration the word limit in mind and design the content accordingly.
  • After compiling the content the Proof-Reading is also essential as it removes any of the major loopholes from the writing. Not doing it would lead to bad results and may be malfunctioning of whole SEO strategy.
  • Just for keeping his end safe the writer must at the end should check the originality of the content and also use the SEO tools for checking the SEO scope of the content.

Following all these principle a writer would be able to hold a stronger grip on his SEO Content Writing and that would be profitable for him as well as the organization he is working for.

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